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Fig 1:
Location of the northen
Israeli coast

Fig 2:
Lead bands

Fig 3:
The lead bands

Fig 4:
The lead bars

Fig 5:
The lead bars

Fig 6:
Negative impressions of woodcarving in the bottom
of the lead bars

Fig 7:
Suggested reconstruction
for the useof the lead
bands as counterweights
on rowing oars

Fig 8:
: Lead core of the wooden anchor stock
b: Negativeimpressions of woodcarving on the
bottomof a lead core

Fig 9:
one armed wooden anchor from Ma'agan Michael,
c.400 BCE

Fig 10:
Suggested use of lead bar weights in steering oars
with the main forces
affecting the oar

Fig 11:
Reconstructed stages of
the grooves used for
casting the lead bar
weights into the steering
oar blade

Fig 12:
Detail of the Isis ship
steering oars

Fig 13:
lead band surrounding
the blade of the
Olympias rudders

Fig 14:
Kead band surrounding the loom of the Kyrenia oars

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